What do we have for you?


Facial Treatments

All you need to have the skin you always wanted

Anti-wrinkle facial treatment

To reach a smooth and rejuvenated skin.

Treatment for blemishes due to acne sequels

Reduce or eliminate those marks that acne has left over time.

Acne treatment

Helps clear skin and reduce acne without leaving marks.

Treatment for dark circles

Improve the appearance of your dark circles to reduce the look of tiredness.

Treatment for bags around the eyes

Soften, clear and smooth the effect of aging in the eye contour.

Peeling + Glow

Peeling is a dermatological treatment based on the exfoliation of the most superficial layers of the skin, together with the glow will leave your skin renewed and shiny.

BB Glow

It is a treatment that uses microneedling technology, which allows the “makeup effect” to be achieved on our skin. In addition, it not only tries to cover imperfections but to blur them progressively.

BB Lips

Lip rejuvenation with Pure pigments, carried out with the Dermapen considered the “pencil-corrector”, although it can also be done with a micropigmentation machine.

Body Treatments

Your body as you wish

All kinds of massages

We have massages for your well-being, according to your needs.

Wood therapy

It is a therapy that consists of stimulating the body with different wooden utensils that adapt to different areas of the body.


It consists of a minimally invasive liposuction. Its function is to reduce or eliminate fat achieving a very fast recovery.


Radiofrequency consists of the application of high-frequency electromagnetic waves on the skin that favors: The formation of new collagen, lymphatic drainage, circulation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Vacuum therapy

It is a non-invasive procedure, it allows suctioning the skin and the tissues that are under the skin and is used to lift and increase muscle tissue.

Passive gymnastics

Passive gymnastics consists of electrical stimulation of muscle groups to tone, give elasticity and harden the muscle by isometric contractions.

Buttock modeling

Aesthetic treatment to lift the buttocks and reduce flaccidity.

Buttocks whitening

Its function is to reduce the dark areas of the buttocks.

Stain treatment

For those spots left by acne on the back or other types of injuries.

Stretch mark treatment

Eliminate stretch marks by increasing the level of collagen and elastin, decrease microvascularization and improve pigmentation.

Stretch marks camouflage

Pigments are used according to your skin tone so that stretch marks are less and less noticeable.

Sagging treatment

Its main function is to stimulate the collagen of the skin to firm the skin.

Fibrosis treatment

Provides elasticity to the skin and reduces cellulite. It is also possible to tighten the tissues.


Increased body temperature, helps with weight loss and muscle relaxation in addition to reducing cellulite.


Exfoliating gel enamel, relaxation or circulation massage, exfoliating.


Take care of your hands leaving them ready and beautiful for your day to day.

Full body hair removal with wax

Waxing for every part of your body for both men and women.